Evans Heritage Day 2018

Please help Us!

Marching Band:
The Band Mom(s) helps make the band a success . The Band Mom coordinates meals, Uniform needs, Marching events, competitions and more.  The Band Mom needs help! Below are signup sheets of things you can help with.  Please look through them and signup where you can. We will update these signups as we move through the year so please come back.

Fall Help Needed:
Band Meals:
 Click Here to donate the food we need and sign up.  We need people who can donate food for meals for the band during practice.  The start time in this signup is when the food needs to be at the designated location.

Band Helpers:  Click Here to view and sign up to help with lunch and other activities that are needed through the year. We really need people who can help so please look at this signup and see if you can volunteer in any of the slots. Thank You!

PLEASE NOTE: If you signup, we will depend on you to show up – If you cannot do what you signed up to do, please email us and also cancel the signup on the signup page as soon as you know.

Thank You!

Updated 03/12/19