Music Trip Information

Next Trip in Spring 2021 or 2022

Sample info from 2019 trip

They went to Disney Land in California in 2019!

The price of trip was $1500.00

Deposit due by September 30th  with signed Commitment Letter

Deposit                       $200.00
Oct Payment             $325.00
Nov Payment           $325.00
Dec Payment            $325.00
Jan Payment             $325.00

Trip must be paid in full by Feb 28th 2019! 

Students can use their accounts in order to pay for some, or all of their trip. Credit cards will be accepted, but there will be a processing fee of 3% on each deposit of monies.

You can request monies from your student music account using this form: Click here for request form.

Trip balances will be available every  month when account statements are sent out by Accounts Manager. Chaperones may NOT use their students account to pay for their trip. ONLY musical students will be able to use their accounts to pay for their trip, or another music students trip; such as their brother or sister.

This all looks great!!! BUT, you may be asking at this point, how do I pay for this?

Fund-raising is a GREAT way to  pay for your students trip. 

Grocery cards: Students earn money for every dollar spent on the cards. Click Here to get started

Earn money per hour for each person that works for your student. Greeley Invite, at home football games, soccer, and forensics are some of the concession opportunities that will be available to work. Click here to Sign Up.

Dip sales in September:
The packets of DIPS is $5 each and there are many delicious flavors to choose from! We will announce Dip sales to students and on the Remind list and Facebook page

Christmas Wreaths in December:
Profits depend on the product that is sold. The wreaths are very high quality and are very popular during the Christmas season. We will announce wreath sales to students and on the Remind list and Facebook page

Big Band Boogie Ball ticket sales:
Sales start in December. The student can have 5 at a time and will make profit for each ticket sold.

A little information on becoming a chaperone:

  • A parent that is interested in chaperoning must go to the District 6 website and apply to be a volunteer within the district. This includes basic demographic information and a background check that takes about a week for clearance. You will be notified by the district if your application is approved or denied. The parent will then be able to sign up for any type of volunteering in the district; including chaperoning. Click here to start your background check.
  • Please keep in mind that being a chaperone for this type of adventure is a HUGE responsibility. You will be looking after 8 high school students . There will be a LOT of walking to each place that the group will be visiting.
  • Please see music teachers about interest in being a Chaperone.

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