Student Accounts

Any Student at Greeley Central High School that is involved in a Band, Orchestra, or Choir class/activity is eligible to have an account!

Student accounts are accounts where students can accumulate money from fundraising activities offered by the Greeley Central Music Department and the Greeley Central Music Booster organization.

The money in these accounts can only be spent on music related expenses. An example would be music lessons, instruments, marching shoes etc. The money can also be spent on music related travel like the trip that usually occurs every three years that is sponsored by the Greeley Central Music Department.

The accounts are opened and funds are tracked automatically when a student participates in any of the offered fundraisers. Fundraisers are announced on our Facebook Page, our web page, and by getting on our announcement list. For more information on fundraisers, go here.

Our by-laws require us to pay the vendors  directly. An example: Let say you need reeds from The Music Store. We would write a check directly to The Music Store for the reeds. Money can also be transferred to a related sibling that is attending Greeley Central High School. A request form must be filled out to transfer funds to a sibling account.

To use the money in the account, a request form must be filled out.  Forms are available from the Band Director, Mr. Farr or you can download the form by clicking on the link below.  Please print out the form and fill it out. Once completed, have your student turn it in to the student’s music teacher.

Account balance statements are sent out by email periodically. To get a statement we must have your contact information.  Please fill out the form below to ensure you will receive a Student Account Statement. If your student has an account with a balance you will get an email in the next statement run.

Student Accounts are terminated on June 1 immediately after a student graduates.  All requests for funds must be submitted before that date.  If a balance is left in the account after that date, the funds move to the general fund of the Greeley Central Music Boosters and we thank you for that donation.

Please note: Students accounts are run by the Greeley Central Music Booster organization and not Greeley Central High School.

Download Student Accounts Request Form

Please fill out form have student take form to their music teacher.

Update Student Account Information
Fill out this form to make sure we have the correct information for your Student Account. Fill this out if you have not received an account statement.

Information submitted is only used for Booster purposes and is kept private and never sold.

Updated 03/12/19.