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Grocery Card Frequently Asked Questions

Safeway Grocery cards are not changing and remain the same
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King Soopers Grocery Card Program started April 1st 2019

Please read the FAQ provided by King Soopers by clicking here

The Good about the program:

  1. Users do not need to load a gift cards before purchasing.
  2. Automatically tracks all purchases and ties them to the organization of your choice.
  3. You can potentially make more that 5% of purchases.

The Not So Good about the program:

  1. Only allows you to add 1 organization to your card at a time, but, you can change organizations as many times as you like and King Soopers will track that.
  2. Fuel purchases no longer count toward rewards. Please see King Soopers FAQ
  3. This program is only King Soopers and City Market brand stores. No more out of state purchases from other Kroger family stores outside of Colorado will count toward rewards.
  4. We only get statements once every quarter. And we, GCHS Boosters, will get no detail about individual reward amounts.

How do I enroll my card/ID to get rewards?
Our organganization ID with King Soopers is PK001. You will need that number to complete your enrollment. Click here for steps to enroll your card/ID.

What if I have 2 or more kids I am raising funds for?
We will divide up rewards earned at your direction at the end of each quarter. See below.

What if I am raising funds for more than one organization?
You can change the organization tied to your card/ID as often as you like by logging in and changing the organization tied to your card. King Soopers will track this automatically and it will be reflected in your quarterly rewards statement and reflect how much money went to each organization

How and when are the reward funds reported to you and paid to the Booster organization?
King Soopers will be updating your individual reward amounts and sending funds to the Boosters once a quarter. The schedule is as follows:
Jan-Mar – Rewards Statements updated and rewards sent in April
Apr-Jun – Rewards Statements updated and rewards sent in July
Jul-Sep – Rewards Statements updated and rewards sent in October
Oct-Dec – Rewards Statements updated and rewards sent in January

How is King Soopers calculating Rewards amount?
King Soopers is giving back $2.5 Million dollars every quarter. This money is for King Soopers and City Market only, this is not spread across all of Kroger. They then spread the money across all organizations participating. So, we could potentially make more then 5% on our purchases. They also have a cap on the amount any one organization can claim so no one organization can try to get all the rewards. The $2.5 million is higher then they were giving out in rewards before April 1st.

How will Boosters account for the funds to individual student accounts?
The Boosters will be sent one lump sum check with no accounting of individual purchases or rewards. Due to privacy concerns, we just see one lump sum and that is it. In order to get individual information about the rewards you earned, you will need to send us a copy of the rewards amount earned inside your account. Your statement only shows the amount earned and no other detail.

We do not have all the details on how this works, but will post more information about this reporting process once we get close to June 2019. This will also be the time you can split up funds if you have multiple students.

We will continue to update this page as questions come up.
Updated 3/31/19