Orchestra Concert 2018

Fundraisers are announced on our Facebook group, and by getting on our announcement Remind service.

All fundraisers will benefit Student’s Accounts and the general fund of the Greeley Central Music Boosters.

The fundraisers that are generally offered are as follows:

  1. Working Concessions at GCHS Football, Soccer, and Track. Parents and students can work these events. Please go to the Concessions page to sign up to work.
  2. Fall Fundraiser Sale – Sell items to family and friends and get part of the profits. Recent Fundraiser was Dip Sales – more info in Fall 2019.
  3. Fall Wreath Sale – Sell wreaths before Christmas and get part of the profits. More info Fall 2019
  4. Concessions at Greeley Invite Band competition in the fall. Parents and students can work this event. Please go to the Concessions page to sign up to work.
  5. Selling Big Band Boogie Ball tickets. Sell tickets to this event and get part of the ticket proceeds.
  6. Grocery Cards. This is a great way to earn money for your account! If you or your parents shop at Safeway or King Soopers you can earn a percentage of everything you buy at these stores. More info below:
Orchestra Concert 2018

KIng Sooper Card Information
To start earning money from King Soopers, you will use the web to tie an organization to your existing card/ID. Please use our organization code, PK001 to enroll your King Soopers card/ID. Click here for steps! Please see the KIngs Card FAQ here for more info about Kings cards.

Safeway Card Information:

  1. What they are:  The cards are prepaid cards.  You load them with money at the check stands or the service desk and then use the cards to purchase groceries and fuel.
  2.  How They work:   When you get a card from us, the card will be tied to your Student Account. Every time you purchase groceries or fuel using the card, 5% of the total purchase will be sent to us and we will credit that 5% to the student account when we get the money from the grocery company.
  3. Why they are great:  You are buying groceries and fuel anyway, why not get 5% back for you student? It’s free money! Also, you can have as many cards as you want and tie them to one or more student accounts. You can get them for family members that shop at Safeway stores anywhere in the nation and it will credit your student account. The money can add up fast.
  4. How to get a card: Fill out and submit the “Request a Card” information below. Our grocery card person will email or call you to set up how to get your card. The cards cost $2.50 for Safeway and are preloaded with that $2.50.
  5. Other info:  The cards stay active as long as they have a balance.  If the card goes to a zero balance and is not refilled for 1 months, the card expires. You will then need to get another card.

Safeway Card Request Form

Updated 3/18/19.