Orchestra Concert 2018

Fundraisers are announced on our Facebook group.

All fundraisers will benefit the general fund of the Greeley Central Music Boosters.

The fundraisers that are generally offered are as follows:

  1. Working Concessions at GCHS Football, Soccer, and Track. Parents and students can work these events.
  2. Fall Fundraiser Sale – Sell items to family and friends and get part of the profits. Recent Fundraiser was Dip Sales – more info later.
  3. Fall Wreath Sale – Sell wreaths before Christmas and get part of the profits.
  4. Concessions at Greeley Invite Band competition in the fall. Parents and students can work this event.
  5. Selling Big Band Boogie Ball tickets. Sell tickets to this event and get part of the ticket proceeds.
Orchestra Concert 2018

Updated 4/14/21.