Grocery Card Changes April 1st

Reloading King Soopers Gift Cards
no longer adds Rewards to your music account!!

King Soopers changed how grocery cards work on April 1st!

King Soopers moved the rewards it gives back from purchases away from the reloadable gift cards and added it to your King Soopers discount card/ID. This is the card or ID you enter or scan before all grocery and fuel transactions.

Safeway Cards have not changed.

What you need to do to get
Rewards to your Music Account

Enroll your King Soopers card/ID ASAP

Our organization ID with King Soopers is PK001. You will need that number to complete your enrollment. Please enroll ASAP so you get Rewards with your next trip to the grocery store

Please follow these steps provided by KIng Soopers to enroll your card/ID. Click here for steps.

We are sure you will have questions. KIng Soopers has provided a customer FAQ you can see by clicking here.  We have also created an FAQ you can access by clicking here.

If you have never raised money using grocery purchases now is a great time to enroll your card/ID and get going!

Thank you
The Music Booster Board

Dip Fundraiser Starts Monday Sept 24th

2018 Dip’n Good Dips Fundraiser starts tomorrow

  • Dips! Twenty-One different flavors! Each dip packet is sold for $5.00. Add sour cream and mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip). Directions are on each packet.

  • Sweet Treats! Seven different flavors! Each sweet treat packet is sold for $5.00. Add whipped cream cheese and whipped topping. Directions are on each packet.
  • Rubs! Six kinds! Each rub packet is sold for $5.00.
  • Krazy Krackers” Cracker Seasoning sells for $5.00.

Order forms and instructions are downloadable and also available at school

Click here for Forms and Info