Booster Board Information

We need parents to fill the Booster Board every year to help with activities and keep the organization running for the music students. These are volunteer positions and are vital to enriching the experience of your music student’s time at Greeley Central.

Below are the positions on the Board and a general Job description of each position. There is a form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in filling a position for the next school year. Please fill out the form and we will get back to you with more in depth information. Thank You.


  • Runs the once a month meetings that will usually occur on the 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • Helps make sure we have people coming in for the following year
  • Helps with Big Band Boogie Ball
  • Generally helps with all things as needed
  • Helps Vice President with Fund Raising
  • Coordinates With Band Director on Trip Year preparations and execution

Vice President

  • Generally in charge of Fund Raising activities
  • Make preparations and execute 2 yearly fundraisers
  • Make preparations and execute Big Band Boogie Ball


  • Manage the Banking
  • Pick up mail from PO Box
  • Get Tax reporting down
  • Work with Music Accounts person
  • Help with Trip Year receipts and Payments


  • Recorded board and general meeting notes
  • Make announcements to Facebook and Remind
  • Help create SignUps for Concessions and Band Mom

Concession Manager(s)

  • Plan and run concessions for Home games for Football, Boys soccer, Girls Soccer and Track Meets and other events if needed.

Student Account Manager

  • Must have access to personal computer
  • Enter all fundraising and withdrawals into student account system
  • Send account statements every one to 2 months
  • Track and enter Trip payments during Trip year
  • Coordinate with Band Director and Treasurer to make sure information is accurate

Band Mom(s)

Band Moms are traditionally the moms of the Drum Majors

  • Help with summer band
  • Help check out and check in Uniforms
  • Coordinate meals at Band Camp before start of school
  • Coordinate Bus riders and meals(if needed) for away competitions
  • Attend to needs of band members at football games
  • Coordinate snack at football games
Board Member Interest
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